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Book 3 of Torn: Ann, P.

Ann, Pamela

Book Cover of Blasphemous by Ann, Pamela
Warning: If you haven't experienced obliterating, complex-borderline-mental, transcendent kind of love--to the point of desperation--then this novel isn't for you. Contains graphic sexual content, adult language and situation intended for MATURE readers only.
"I'm crazy about him, too. Bass has been this terrific, perfect guy. I'm scared how our relationship is going so fast, but it feels like it was meant to be that way... like being with him is never going to be simple or ordinary. I only have one heart, though. Sadly, it holds two men in it. One I want to keep, the other, I want to set free. How do I let the other free when he securely locked himself in, throwing away the key?" ~Emma, Frayed
Will they survive the tsunami of trials heading their way?
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