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Chloe Sorenson's just started a brand new job at Ms. Muffet's art gallery. However, no one told her that the latest auction piece - a sculpture of a handsome Roman soldier - comes to life. Think it's hard to explain to your boss why you're fondling a statue? Try explaining to the statue why you're holding his, uh, fig leaf. Chloe never thought that touching the statue would turn him into a sexy, aroused man, but she's not saying no to this delicious Roman soldier. The curse requires that she touch him at all times? Such a hardship... But there's a problem in their lust-fueled relationship; she's falling dangerously in love with a guy that cursed to be hard as a rock - literally - unless she can somehow free him. And the statue of Titus just went up for auction. If she doesn't do something, he's going to be out of her life and trapped for all eternity... This novella (16,000 words - about 70 pages) contains explicit scenes, including some backdoor play. This is a stand alone steamy romance in the Once Upon a Time Travel series! For more Once Upon a Time-Travel stories, check out: MIRRORLIGHT (novella) SUNLIGHT (novella) DARKLIGHT (novella) THE MERMAID'S KNIGHT (novel) THE BEAST'S BRIDE (novel) And check out the Once Upon a Time-Travel bundle! Review "Myles's sexy, wacky humor is definitely something to watch." - Publishers Weekly About the Author JILL MYLES is the author of Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, the first novel featuring sexy succubus Jackie Brighton, her supernatural sidekicks, and a few all-too-tempting villains. Jill lives in Texas with her family and can't write a bio, so she's using the official Pocket Books one. Other sexy 'Once Upon a Time-Travel' romances by Jill Myles: MIRRORLIGHT SUNLIGHT (coming soon) THE MERMAID'S KNIGHT