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Book 1 of Burn

Steele, Dawn

Book Cover of Burn by Steele, Dawn
WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD TO SHARE THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS WITH A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER WOMEN? Abby Holt is running from a past she does not intend to divulge to anyone, not even the young man she would come to love, the outrageously stunning 21-year-old Devon Fisher. When she shows up at a doorstep in New York City on a rainy night, destitute and bleeding and wearing burn marks on her hands, Devon takes her in. He nurses, clothes and feeds her in a turn of events that would change their lives forever. But Devon, an artist by day, is a hustler by night to make ends meet. His clientele is diverse and very rich. Some of them can even be cruel, as evidenced by the marks on his beautiful body. As Abby is swept up in Devon's unpredictable world, a tragedy strikes that neither of them could have foreseen.
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