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Kitchen Affairs

Book 1 of Riverside Trilogy

Cumberland, Brooke

Book Cover of Kitchen Affairs by Cumberland, Brooke
Drake Staglinao is from a wealthy empire family who runs Riverside Hotel & Restaurant in downtown Chicago. He's attractive, charming, witty, and will do whatever it takes to get the one he wants, Molly Woods.Molly, a chef intern at his five-star restaurant, shows no interest in dating Drake, or dating at all for that matter since the death of her fiancé four years earlier. After several attempts, Drake goes to extreme measures to get some alone time with Molly, knowing that he just needs a few hours for her to realize their intense chemistry is too hot to ignore. Drake finds out why Molly is reserved and guarded - but that doesn't stop him from getting who he wants.Molly and Drake need to keep their relationship private, but when a surveillance video goes viral of the two of them, they must overcome obstacles that most relationships don't have to endure. Molly needs to let go of her past in order to let Drake in... but how far can she go without cracking? Fall in love With Drake and Molly as you laugh and cry through their unusual love story!*Contains Mature Adult Content*
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