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From the NYT & USA Today Bestselling romance author, a story of sex, secrets, and theater... "My whole body is vibrating, and I am lit up from the inside out. Every part of me is aching for him. I'm completely naked on top of the piano and he rakes me over with his eyes, making me feel like I'm the only one he's ever wanted like this. I don't know how he does this to me, how he makes me feel charged all over, but I've never been this turned on. I didn't know I could be this turned on, but this man makes me feel like my body belongs to him..." Twenty-three year old rising theatre star Jill McCormick has built a life out of pretending. Pretending she's happy, pretending she's not haunted by the dark secret that shattered her world six years ago. But then she comes face to face with her new director -- sexy, sophisticated, jealous, all-alpha, dirty-talking Davis Milo. He tries to resist the actress he's cast, but the attraction between them is too powerful, and soon their private rehearsals spiral into new, forbidden territory. The connection, the chemistry is undeniable, and it hits them anywhere, and everywhere -- in the theater, on the piano, in the limo, in the restaurant...But the tragedy in Jill's past stands between them. Davis has walls too, so they can either face their fears together, or risk the most intense love, sex and passion either has ever felt... "I move with him, letting him touch me, kiss me, taste my body like I'm his canvas and he's painting me with his tongue.