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Book 1 of Red Hot Private Eye

Shawn, Melanie

Book Cover of Scandalous by Shawn, Melanie
Cristal Hart is every bit as tough and smart as she is sexy. As a private eye she couldn't go into the seediest underground spaces in Los Angeles and pull out the truth - if she didn't have steel underneath her deadly curves. Men fall at Cristal's feet, which is how she got her start in the PI game - as a "bait girl" catching cheating husbands. Ambition drove her as she rose in the ranks at Red Hot Private Investigations. Now she's in charge of all undercover operations - leaving her field work behind her. She thought.
She'd be excited about the opportunity to get back into the action, working on a high profile case, except for one little wrinkle...Dominic. They spent one hot, steamy night together, two years ago...which she never lets herself revisit. Now they are going undercover, posing as "man and wife", living under one roof.
Will she be able to put aside her thoughts of passion and just concentrate on the job?
Dominic Charles heads the Private Security Division at Red Hot and is not the sort of man whose bad side you'd ever want to see. He's ex-military, from an elite unit, and tough as nails. Dominic loves three things: adrenaline, challenge, women. And women love Dominic. Normally he moves through them without looking back, but there is one woman he can't get off his mind or out of his system, Cristal Hart. They've never spoken about the mind-blowing night they spent together years earlier. Now he has one shot - they are living together undercover, and Dominic plans to take full advantage of that situation.
When the choice is now or never, for Dominic - there's no choice at all. He's making his move. Now.
Intended for Adults 18+
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