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Trust and Dare

Written By: Stevens, Shelli

One weekend. His rules. Inhibitions left at the door. Angry that yet another military man has done her family wrong, Abby Cook plots sweet revenge. But when her plan goes awry, she discovers that she’s targeted the wrong military man. Mason Tyler is not used to being disobeyed. Yet the curvy blonde has rejected his advances at every turn. When he catches her in the middle of a very destructive—not to mention illegal—prank, he offers her a deal. A deal that will keep her out of jail. And let him

Good Girl Gone Plaid

Written By: Stevens, Shelli

Book 1 of "McLaughlins, The"

Falling for the bad boy is even more dangerous the second time around. The McLaughlins, Book 1In high school Sarah fell for her best friend’s older brother—one of the sexy, Scottish McLaughlin boys. But a painful betrayal showed her she’d been a fool to give her heart to a bad boy. At least it made it easier to leave him and move halfway around the world when her Navy dad got stationed in Japan. Eleven years later, the death of her grandmother has forced Sarah back to Whidbey Island for a month.

Beauty and the Sheikh

Written By: Stevens, Shelli

Book 1 of "A is for Alpha"

Indulge your fantasies with these steamy, contemporary romances about sexy, billionaire alpha males, and the women who capture their hearts. His price is her innocence... Holly Winchester is desperate. With her brother facing theft charges and a potential prison sentence in a foreign country, she seeks help from the one man she knows can give it. But will the ruthless, billionaire sheikh who once broke her heart be able to forget and forgive their painful past? Two years ago, Sheikh Raf

Anybody but Justin

Written By: Stevens, Shelli

Book 1 of "Chances Are"

The line between friends and lovers can get a little blurry...especially when you add tequila. A Chances Are story. Gabby is serious about her search for Mr. Right, but no one can say she hasn't had a good time looking. She enjoys her numerous dates and the sex that comes with them. Until she finds herself falling for the one man she vows to never love. Her best friend and roommate, Justin. A player in every sense of the word--and a reminder of her awful past. One night, with the help o

Going Down

Written By: Stevens, Shelli

Book 1 of "Holding Out for A Hero"

One man wants her heart. The other wants her dead...Holding Out for a Hero, Book 1Eleanor Owen needs to get out of Chicago and quick. It’s not that she doesn’t want to obey the subpoena to testify against her drug-trafficking ex-boyfriend. It’s making it to the witness stand alive, should a dirty cop make good on his threats.Tiny, remote Wyattville, Oregon, looks like the perfect place to disappear, but it’s hard to blend into the woodwork when one of the town’s infamous namesakes sends her hear

Dangerous Grounds

Written By: Stevens, Shelli

Book 1 of "Seattle Steam"

Something’s hot in Seattle, and it’s not just the espresso. The Seattle Steam series Madison’s needs are simple. All she wants are two things: Make Ooo La Latté the newest trend in espresso, and seduce the sexiest cop in Seattle. But things aren’t going exactly as planned. First, Gabe’s a little hung up on the fact that she’s his best friend’s little sister, and he’s determined to keep his hands off. Second, her shop gets robbed by the increasingly violent Espresso Bandit, and now she’s the only

Savage Hunger

Written By: Stevens, Shelli

Book 1 of "Savage"

The man who vows to protect her may be her biggest threat. Savage, Book 1Being the daughter of a world-renowned scientist, Sienna Peters has struggled to carve out her own career in the field. But her world is sent spinning when she discovers a secret species being held in the lab where she works, and the horrible things being done to them. Compelled to do more than hand off an information-packed jump drive to her father, she sets out to free the creatures. The minute his team enters the compoun

Billionaire's Baby Bargain (A is for Alpha), The

Written By: Stevens, Shelli

Book 2 of "A is for Alpha"

There's nothing he won't do... Searching for adventure, Chloe doesn't expect to find it in the dark, sexy man who makes his desire--and his intentions to bed her--blatantly clear. Working at one of Spain's most exclusive resorts, she soon discovers her new lover isn't just a guest, but the powerful and ruthless owner. Hotel tycoon Andrés Montero's reputation as Spain's most elusive bachelor billionaire is slow to trust. And when Andres believes his relationship with Chloe is born from a mo

Luck be Delanie

Written By: Stevens, Shelli

Book 2 of "Chances Are"

He’s lured her to paradise…and she’s about to discover the price. A Chances Are story. Long ago, Delanie made one gigantic mistake. Or committed one small felony, depending on how you look at it. Stealing a coin from a sexy stranger was just a prank to help a sorority sister get revenge. The sleeping with him part was totally unplanned. Yet she holds the memory of that one intense, passionate connection close to her heart—like the coin she still wears around her neck. Six years later, she’s invi

Command and Control

Written By: Stevens, Shelli

Book 2 of "Holding Out for A Hero"

He’s afraid of losing his grip. She’s about to untie his last knot...Holding Out for a Hero, Book 2Megan Asher has a thriving career, looks, self-confidence to spare. It all means little without the love of her life. Trevor has returned from deployment in Afghanistan a haunted man, emotionally distant and unwilling to connect—except in bed. Then even that fragile thread snaps. Brokenhearted, she is forced to call off their wedding and, after a few months’ separation, try to move on. With every a

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