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Sexy and Funny, Hilarious Erotic Romance Bundle

Written By: Strong, Mimi

The perfect man is sexy and funny.**Amazing 99-cent deal!**This sexy, funny collection is sure to keep you up all night!This wildly adventurous and very sexy anthology contains a mix of short stories and full-length novels by bestselling author Mimi Strong.Blind Date TeddyThe Walk-InThe Ice Cream Shop BoyStardust, Peaches Monroe #1Why Not Tonight? (exclusive to this anthology)Kissing CoachThe TypistMake sure your e-reader batteries are charged up and ready to go!

Two to Tango

Written By: Strong, Mimi

From the USA Today bestselling author of the Peaches Monroe series and Borrowed Billionaire, comes a hilarious new story of unstoppable passion. Skye Evans is a former stripper, trying to live a "good" life teaching dance to kids. She also hates rich people. Really hates them. Charlie Ward is rich. He's twenty-nine, and caught between partying and growing up enough to have a relationship with someone besides his best friend. When Charlie finds Skye crashing a party at the exclusive coun

Kissing Coach

Written By: Strong, Mimi

Feather swore she wouldn't get physical with a coaching client ... again.Along comes Devin Nelson. He has sexy, chocolate-brown eyes that are hiding a painful past. All he asks is for Feather to help him get over his fear of kissing. They agree on some ground rules to keep it strictly professional, but Feather's hands and body have a mind of their own.Fear and longing turn into unstoppable passion. All the carefully-made rules are broken, and all their secrets come pouring out.

For You

Written By: Strong, Mimi

The new feel-good, full-length novel from Mimi Strong, author of Borrowed Billionaire and Her Teddy Bear. I should have known by the tattoos that Sawyer was trouble. My mother always said to stay away from boys with ink, but she ignored her own advice. She also abandoned me and my little sister. Life's been hard for the two of us, on the run and on our own, but I just turned twenty-one and started working at a bar in a new city. I wear a fake wedding band and a veil of lies. My gold rin

Lexie's First Time

Written By: Strong, Mimi

Book 0.5 of "Borrowed Billionaire"

Before Lexie met her billionaire, Luthor Thorne, she was once a high school virgin, desperate to be touched.Eager and curious about being with a real-life boy, as opposed to her go-to imaginary hunk Freddie Prinze Jr., she meets up with an unlikely candidate, and has a first time, of sorts.She gains confidence, but not quite all the experience she was seeking.That summer, between high school and college, she takes a job with a family friend, cleaning cabins.She meets a man who's trying t

We Are Made of Stardust

Written By: Strong, Mimi

Book 1 of "Peaches Monroe"

*WARNING: This book is chock-full of enthusiastic sex, ranging from OH-NO-SHE-DIDN'T awkward to I-NEED-A-SHOWER-NOW hot. *She's a sassy bookstore manager, he's a famous actor. This Notting Hill-inspired New Adult romance is outrageous, funny, and full of sex, sex, sex.Peaches Monroe, age 22, is a plus-sized beauty who spends quiet days with books, in the small town of Beaverdale, Washington.One Saturday afternoon, she's balancing precariously on a chair, in a bridesmaid dress, when a handsome da

The Walk-In

Written By: Strong, Mimi

Book 1.0 of "Borrowed Billionaire"

Lexie Ross is a professional organizer to the mega-rich, but she's never had a boss like this. Mr. Thorne smells good, or at least his clothes do. Lexie doesn't know what he looks like, because Mr. Thorne's staff is doing everything they can to keep her from meeting him. Over three days of organizing at the Thorne mansion, she gets herself closer and closer to him, until at last it seems they might meet, face-to-face. But is the sexy stranger with the fiery eyes who he seems to be?


Written By: Strong, Mimi

Book 2 of "Peaches Monroe"

So, I fly my rockin' curves off to LA for the big Peaches Monroe (that's me) underwear shoot. I'm nursing a broken heart from you-know-who, when along comes Keith Raven. Sexy, tanned, and nearly naked. He's my new co-model, and let me tell you, Keith is the full package with a big package (wink, wink). My new bestie Mitchell warns me that all male models are walking disasters, but I think Keith's different. He meditates, for example. And, unlike some people, he doesn't toy with my affection. Sta

Lexi Goes Shopping

Written By: Strong, Mimi

Book 2.0 of "Borrowed Billionaire"

Lexie leaves Luthor Thorne's mansion, more confused and agitated than ever. Her next professional organizing assignment is helping a rich lady with her "shopping." The lady has brought her husband along, and Lexie tries to get her mind off Mr. Thorne by having some fun with a sexy silver fox of a man, inside the changing room at a luxury boutique. A phone call from Mr. Thorne changes everything.


Written By: Strong, Mimi

Book 3 of "Peaches Monroe"

Peaches Monroe works at a bookstore in small town Washington. She's also a plus-size lingerie model, and the former girlfriend of Dalton Deangelo. He's the sexy, smoldering actor who plays TV's hottest vampire. Now Dalton is back in town, hiding out from his past and a ton of bad publicity. He can't keep his hands off Peaches, even though she's dating someone else. Peaches knows that being friendly with Dalton always ends up in complete disaster, but he does have an interesting proposal

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