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Written By: Bayard, Clara

Book 1 of "Rocked"

She's dreaming of a life of excitement and romance. When rising rock star Joe Hawk wanders into the diner where Liss works her dark night is brightened by his incredibly blue eyes and sexy smile. The attraction is immediate and every moment is charged with erotic heat. He's searching for something real.The first impression is easy. Taking the next step is much harder. The plus sized beauty has to overcome her insecurities to take a risk on a man whose life is the opposite of everything she knows

One Night More

Written By: Bayard, Clara

Book 2 of "One Night of Danger"

Embroiled in a set of dangerous circumstances she barely understands, Carly Chase must use every tool in her arsenal to survive. As much as her own wits and instincts are strong, she'll need the fierce loyalty of her best friend and the strong arms of sexy cop Sam Rollins to help her through. It's hard for the plus-size beauty to depend on anyone, but as she discovers more about the illegal enterprise that is targeting her, she has no choice but to ask for help. When the danger deepens and her

Rocked on the Road

Written By: Bayard, Clara

Book 2 of "Rocked"

Running towards her future?Liss is leaving everything she knows behind for an adventure with sexy rock front man Joe Hawk. Life on the road is wild and intoxicating, a constant party that ends every night with laughter and passion.Or just running away?But when the plus sized beauty finds herself falling in love with Joe but out of love with his lifestyle, she has to decide who she wants to be and where that leaves her budding relationship.Under the bright light of fame a spark of love can glow o

One Last Night

Written By: Bayard, Clara

Book 3 of "One Night of Danger"

Terrified, on the run and out of people to trust, Carly Chase only has one chance to survive the danger she’s in. One last night to face the criminals hunting her and overcome the past that still haunts her. Away from the security of sexy cop Sam Rollins’ arms, the plus-size beauty has to be stronger and braver than ever before. But when a new betrayal comes to light, no one involved will ever be the same.

Rocked to the Core

Written By: Bayard, Clara

Book 3 of "Rocked"

Why does doing the right thing feel so wrong?Liss is trying to chase her dreams on her own terms, but memories of Joe, her rock star ex, haunt her day and night. She fights for happiness and discovers a life she can call her own.How do you move on when your heart belongs to someone else?But when Joe and his band come back to town and back into her life, his presence reignites her passion for him and threatens to topple the delicate balance of her new existence.Love is a fire that can nurture or

Lost Weekend

Written By: Bayard, Clara

Book 4 of "Rocked"

When Joe surprises Liss with a trip to New York for just the two of them, she's over the moon. He's thought of everything, and a little time alone is exactly what the couple needs. But when the trapping of his fame intrude and the reality of dating a rock star hits her again, Liss risks falling into bad old habits - running away when things get hard. But a chance meeting with an old friend changes everything and provides new perspective, reminding her of what really matters - the love that sh

Hard Rocked

Written By: Bayard, Clara

Book 4 of "Rocked"

Getting a job with a famous rock band on their first European tour sounds like a dream come true. And for Becca Hall it is - at first. Using her smarts, organization skills and unflappable nature, the plus-size beauty makes herself indispensable quickly.It's everything she wanted. A way to see more of the world, get a foothold back into the business she grew up around, and a chance to get away from things both dreary and painful back at home. But when a playful flirtation with the band's bass pl

Deep Rocked

Written By: Bayard, Clara

Book 5 of "Rocked"

Becca Hall fears that opening her heart to bad-boy rocker Dex was a mistake, and she struggles to pretend everything is normal. When a family tragedy strikes and the pair end up alone, away from the rest of the band and vulnerable to each other in new ways, their attraction becomes deeper and more intimate - emotionally and physically. But back under her boss’s watchful eye and amid the stresses of touring with a famous rock band, Becca has to fight her own insecurities and find a way to nurture

Well Rocked

Written By: Bayard, Clara

Book 6 of "Rocked"

Fame and fortune combine with love and desire in a high stakes game your heart plays.When Becca Hall's new relationship with sexy bass-player Dex manages to survive disasters, both natural and man-made, she thinks this is her chance at real happiness. A good job, a great guy and travel to some of the most beautiful cities in the world.But hopes and dreams are no shield from the ugly realities of life. And just as the connection between them deepens to something quickly approaching love, the coup

Rocked in the Dark

Written By: Bayard, Clara

Book 7 of "Rocked"

With everything to lose… Julia has fought and struggled to get exactly where she wants to be. On a huge nationwide tour, singing her songs, living life on her own terms. After a lifetime of ups and downs, the curvy beauty knows all too well that fame and success are fleeting and nothing is certain. Passion blooms… Her immediate dislike for Dream Defiled’s drummer, Rick, adds to the stress on her shoulders. But when circumstances conspire to keep forcing them together, the pair discover

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