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Blaire, Iris

2 Books

Dark Frame

Written By: Blaire, Iris


First Harvard, and now the national expansion of East Park Exposed. Evan Cosette will have to choose one or the other. But not yet. E.P.E.’s new owner, A.J. Harrison, wants the fall launch issue shot in Boston. It will be Evan’s last go as Rylan Willow—sensual starlet of the underground magazine that made her famous. And she’ll have to shoot without Dallas. Finishing up his Master’s, Dallas needs to spend a semester in Costa Rica working on research. And that’s not the only thing separating him from Evan. With lingering thoughts about her relationship with Dallas being based on nothing more than lust and lies, Evan calls it quits with the gorgeous grad student from East Park University. The breakup doesn’t make the Boston shoot easier. Under A.J.’s reign, Britain’s artistic liberty is gone, and the issue becomes less of a clever erotic read and more of a Halloween-themed smutfest. Much like Evan’s modeling, Britain’s photos grow sloppy and uninspired. But a reminder of the pleasures of sex and art is around the corner for both girls. Someone is leaving a trail of seductive clues for Britain on the set of the cover shoot--a historic manor. And Dallas makes his return to steal Evan’s heart for good.


Written By: Blaire, Iris


As a new East Park graduate with a sparkling business degree, Britain McCulley returns to her parents’ Malibu estate for the summer to play the part of the naïve, modest heiress that Mom and Dad want her to be. For two months, Britain must hide who she really is, which means not letting slip the fact that she’s an incredibly successful erotica photographer. Or the fact that she had mind-blowing sex with one of her models--Jaime Rivera--who also happens to be her brother’s traitor of a best friend. When Jaime shows up to make amends with her family, he threatens to blow over her good-girl façade like a house of cards. And he is only the beginning. Bawdy, hilarious, and sinfully sexy, ABERRATION is the newest addition to the East Park chronicles.