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When the wealthy and charming Drew Graham walks into the Tawnee Mountain Resort where I work and offers me a lucrative part-time job it sounds too good to be true. I just have to pretend to be his fiancée until he wins the election for governor and then we can go our separate ways. It seems like an easy way to make a hundred thousand dollars…until his younger brother, Austin, returns from Europe and moves in with us. And I’m completely overwhelmed by my attraction to him.


A sense of duty takes Clarity back to the script where she learns there’s a new breed of vampires in the world, stemming from Lario Exgesis, once friend now foe. These second-generation vampires are able to hunt and feed off the first- generation vampires. Clarity also sees that Lario is looking for the power of the sun, a power gifted to the seven daughters of the House of Benel. But to find it first, she needs the full power of light, which she shares with Baron Ze Feldis, the vampire who broke her heart. While there’s panic in the vampire world, Clarity and Baron must use the power of light to discover a way to secure the power of the sun, which is ignited by a vampire named Vayle and Zillael, The Seventh Sister. They’ll need it to open The Box of Jari, which will lead them towards a danger they never thought existed but a hope they finally know is possible. Edited on 10/21/2011 – If you have the previous version, please email Customer Service of the vendor the book was purchased. If you purchased the the book from Smashwords, you can simply download the most up to date version! The fifth Sister (Parched, Book 4)will be released by December 15, 2011. Go here and sign up for the mailing list to be informed when this book is released, and for future release dates! http://zuleikaarkadie.wordpress.com/ (See the link to the mailing list on the top right-hand side of the homepage.)


The first time Jolene meets a mysterious man wearing flannel, it’s a case of mistaken identity. The second time, they end up against the side of a bar. Third time’s a charm, right? Jolene Hayes finds herself spending the summer in the picturesque mountains of Idaho in order to avoid a past fling. It’s a perfect escape, except for the one problem that keeps popping up: a sexy backcountry pilot named Ty Harrison. Jolene tries her hardest to resist his scruffy beard and flannel wearing ways, but eventually rationalizes that a summer fling would just be like the rest of them—love ‘em and leave ‘em and move on with her life. Between these two are secrets that could tear them apart before they even get started, though. Life changes without warning, and dealing with the results leaves Jolene protecting her heart at all costs. Ty knows he is everything Jolene doesn’t want, but he can’t let go of the fiery siren. Throw in the element of wilderness, a small town where secrets can’t hide and the past repeatedly showing up on Jolene’s front porch, the promise of a summer fling becomes complicated. 


Written By: Lee, India


For seven seasons, The Somervilles were America's favorite reality TV family. The nation watched as Olive and Warner and their six children lived the American Dream, running the family-owned restaurant that made them famous. That is, until off-camera scandal drove the once-wholesome family towards cancellation. Luckily, all of the Somervilles moved onto successful careers in food and fashion -- except for one. Rye Somerville has always shied away from the camera, and now that her family's show is over, she can finally live a quiet, drama-free life while working at her humble family restaurant. But little does she know, the spotlight is coming back for her -- in the form of a very tall, very handsome and heinously cocky celebrity chef. Infamous chef, Sam Laurent, has charmed both the restaurant and entertainment industry despite his love of casual controversy. With a tongue as sharp as his knives, Sam has made a career out of not only his innovative cuisine, but the contentious sound bites he constantly provides the media. So when Sam is commissioned to give the Somerville restaurant a posh new makeover, Rye finds her slow, peaceful life suddenly threatened. And to make matters worse, Sam isn’t the type to back down from having things exactly as he wants it. With compromise out of the picture, Rye is intent on winning the battle, even if it means reluctantly stepping back into the spotlight… and tumbling deep into the complicated, backstabbing world of money and fame.


Memories flooded Slade Logan at first glimpse of Lisa Gray. More than two years ago she'd shared his bed, but deeply guarded guilt had made it impossible for him to share his life. So Lisa left…though not alone. She'd taken with her a precious part of him…and borne their baby. A brush with tragedy told Lisa that her child needed his father…even if Slade could never need her. And when Slade demanded they marry, she knew it was for their son's benefit. But something in her husband's rough-hewn features changed when he looked at her and their little boy. Could Slade make room in his haunted heart for two?


This a wonderful, early work by the christian, romance author Grace Livingston Hill. This edition includes the original illustrations and has a linked table of contents for easy navigation. Aunt Crete is trapped in a lonely, servile life until her nephew comes along and shows her the brighter side of life.


Lois Peters is home again, and no one is more excited about her return than her young friend Harley Winters. Lois brings back with her the idea and excitement of forming a Christian society for young people. Harley initially feels unable to help, due to his debilitating illness. With determination, however, Harley becomes a cornerstone of the new society and a powerful advocate for his faith. A Christian novella by Grace Livingston Hill. Edited for typographical errors, while maintaining the author's original writing style.


Special operative Russell Carter has turned his back on everything he ever believed in. A year ago he walked away from the order and its leader, Thomas Wing, a man he once regarded as a father. Since then he’s been living the good life, surfing at Lennox Head and trying to forget his past. On Christmas Day Thomas is kidnapped from a remote bush property near the Queensland border, and Carter is sucked straight back into the violent world he left behind. Now an Indonesian terrorist cell is trying to kill him – and every other member of the order. With Carter and the order out of the way, the terrorists hope to carry off a daring attack on Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve – just days away – when huge crowds gather on the water and foreshore to celebrate. Carter is forced to team up with Thomas’s daughter, Erina – the only woman he has ever loved, and who he abandoned without saying goodbye. Together they must travel into the wilds of Indonesia and back again in a desperate bid to save Thomas – and the lives of thousands of others.


Everything in Jenny's life is broken - her career, her car, her body, and her heart. The fog that ran her off the road was as unexpected as Harrison’s betrayal. Unsure how to repair all the things he’s destroyed, she retreats, giving up any fight she once had in her. Unable to trust her own judgment, she gives herself over to the people in her life who claim to know what’s best for her. Blaming Harrison’s foolish advice to take what she wants, she decides instead to accept what’s given to her. Outwardly she manages to maintain this new way of life, but inside the fire that Harrison set in her still burns uncontrollably. Her desire for him has not diminished at all.  Given the chance will her need for Harrison outweigh her better sense, landing her back in his arms? Can he prove himself worthy of her forgiveness before it’s too late?


When doubtful meets determined. When Cartoonist, Grace Bennett is given the mandate to take her comic strip from the satirical side of dating to the magical moments between a couple in love, she knows she’s in big trouble. Having never experienced that fleeting emotion, how can she possibly write about it? What she needs is a miracle. Enter best friend and neighbor, Nate Wright, a man with a reputation for falling in love every other weekend. When Nate offers to share his extensive knowledge in matters of the heart and give her some lessons in love, Gracie has no choice but to accept. Nate can’t believe his luck. He’s been crazy about Gracie since the moment he laid eyes on her, but she’s kept him firmly in the friend zone. Helping her out with her comic strip gives him the perfect opportunity to get closer, show her what real romance is all about—what it could be like with him. The hard part is keeping his ulterior motive under wraps. If Gracie doesn't share his feelings, he risks losing her friendship forever.  One kiss later has Grace doubting the wisdom in bringing her friend into the mix, while Nate is more determined than ever to show Gracie that with love, anything is possible.