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One tragic decision dashed Rachel Carson's plans and made her scared of her own shadow. Now on the run, she must forever give up the hope of love--or a baby. But with her new identity, she can help care for a motherless little girl, left in the protection of handsome Sheriff Cade Garner.As tough as his Wyoming mountains, Cade takes his responsibilities seriously. He will do whatever is necessary to protect baby Jenny and give her the life she should have had. But his sharp instincts tell him something is up with the mysterious nanny who swept into their lives. The alluring blonde has roused his senses...and his heart. As a lawman, he seeks to uncover her secrets. He knows he can protect her and the baby, if only she will dare to trust again


When photojournalist Kamaria Trayhern goes undercover at the Mason family ranch, she's hoping to find her real father, not romance. But keeping everyone convinced she is who she claims to be will be harder than she expects--especially where one sexy ranch hand is concerned.After all he's been through, there's no way Wesley Sheridan wants to tangle with more heartache and lies. So the last thing he needs is to be drawn to the pretty new caretaker. But with a jealous killer out to rewrite Mason family history forever, two lonely hearts must learn to trust each other...if they hope to survive the season.


A DARK MISTRESS BECAME HIS DESTINY... Plucked from the depths of hell, former military sniper Reno Manchahi was hired by the government to kill a thief, but he had a mission of his own. Descended from a family of shape-shifters, Reno vowed to get the revenge he'd thirsted for all these years. But his assignment went awry when his target turned out to be a powerful seductress, a woman who risked everything to fight a potent evil. They had a combustible connection, yet he struggled to reveal the truth about himself - his Apache upbringing, his Jaguar pride, his death plot. Soon, Reno had to transform himself into a true hero, accept this new love and conquer the enemy that threatened them all. He had to become a Warrior for the Light....


Jessica Talvert came to New Orleans looking for her roots and the mystery of her past. But some secrets were meant to stay buried. Little did she realize her arrival in the sultry city would spell her own doom. Feral, dangerous, and oozing lethal charm, he captured Jessica with a kiss, but the Cajun rogue, Gabriel Benoit, is not what he seems. Danger follows him, exciting her beyond imagining, until she's swept into a world she never dreamed existed. Rating: Contains graphic, explicit sex and violence, profanity, and harsh language


The Council has demanded her death and that of any who harbor her. Maggie's one chance at survival depends solely on a creature she has been taught to fear her entire life, the vampire lord, Danior. Rating: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, violence, and degrading sex (not by the hero).


Kaeli never knew following the whims of desire could be so fun ... nor so dangerous. And sexy Cajun Navarre Lyssandro is exactly what this girl needs. Too bad he's nuts.... Tempting, sassy ... and human, Kaeli Jackson is a woman who can take care of herself, and she arouses feelings in Navarre he cannot ignore, despite his best efforts. But the vamps are stirring after the disappearance of their leader, riled by the Lycan presence. Navarre cannot allow her close, because to touch Kaeli is to mark her for death... Rating: Contains graphic, explicit sex and violence, profanity, and harsh language


Abel's heart is crushed by Devlin's vehement rejection and refusal to believe the truth about his brother. With the threat of prison hanging over him, Abel is sent away with Horatio Kaplan to Italy for safe keeping. Certain he has lost Devlin forever, and broken by the reality that he has devastated Devlin's life, Abel takes an unexpected comfort in Kaplan when the man begins to show sincere care and affection for him. NOTE: This is Book 3 in the ABEL Trilogy. It is highly recommended that you read IT CAN'T BE YOU and HEARTS IN CHAOS first. It Can't Be You Hearts In Chaos Shattered Warning: This book contains homosexual relations and language not suitable for readers below 17yo.


Devastated after learning his abuser (and the man he killed in self-defense) was Dr. Devlin Grant's much beloved brother, Abel feels he can no longer have anything to do with the man because of his secret. Now locked into his agreement with Horatio Kaplan – and suffering heart break over Devlin – Abel finds no purpose in his life except taking care of Savannah. When Devlin refuses to be put off and insists Abel tell him the truth of why he is suddenly pushing him away, Abel must make the hard decision of whether or not to expose the hideous acts of Devlin's brother – and shatter the man's heart. NOTE: This is Book 2 in the ABEL Trilogy. It is highly recommended that you read IT CAN'T BE YOU first. It Can't Be You Hearts In Chaos Shattered Warning: This book contains homosexual relations and language not suitable for readers below 17yo.


Abel doesn't trust the outside world and is content to remain within his safe haven. But when an overzealous customer sends Abel to the ER, he meets young, handsome Dr. Devlin Grant – and the instant attraction he feels for the man stirs up the nightmares of his past, causing him to resist his new feelings.


When James Redfield first published this extraordinary book—an adventure in pursuit of a spiritual mystery—people picked it up, read it, and were stunned by its contents. By word of mouth alone, news of this moving book spread throughout America, until—within months of its first printing—over a hundred thousand readers had become excited by its predictions and touched by the way it made sense of what was happening in their lives. Today, with more than ten million copies sold worldwide,The Celestine Prophecy has become one of the most important books of its age. ♦ · · · Now, with this 10th anniversary edition, you can discover for yourself the insights, the vision and the uncanny accuracy of The Celestine Prophecy, a parable filled with vital truths that reads like a gripping adventure tale. And it begins with the disappearance of an ancient Peruvian manuscript. ♦ · · · Although few Westerners know of the manuscript’s existence and a government wants to suppress it, this precious document contains an important secret: the 9 insights the human race is predicted to grasp as we enter an era of true spiritual awareness. To find the manuscript and its hidden treasures, you will follow a journey that will carry you high into the Andes mountains, to ancient ruins deep in old-growth forest, and to a startling discovery. ♦ · · · You will quickly recognize the truth of the First Insight: in each of our lives occur mysterious coincidences—sudden, synchronistic events that, once interpreted, lead us to our true destiny. When you find and understand all of the 9 insights you will have an exciting new image of human life, and a positive vision of how we will save this planet, its creatures, and its beauty.