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Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon with this short story about Charli's fifth foray into sexual fantasies with the cowboys of Temptation, Texas. Horny is putting it mildly... Charli sets her sights on seducing the gorgeous war veteran and local cowboy, Connor Mason, to see what sexual delights he's been holding out on. Will he measure up? Waiting by the phone has never been something Charli does well. If she can't figure out who her mystery cowboy is, the least she can do is discover whether or not Connor Mason could be the cowboy for her. If he has what it takes, she might just be willing to tell Original Sin to take a hike the next time he calls. Warning: Sexy, sweet cowboy, cornered by one hot and horny woman, seeking sexual satisfaction... Books visiting the Ugly Stick Saloon: Sex Ed Boots and Chaps Dirty Tricks: One Up On You Dirty Tricks: Two Can Play That Game Dirty Tricks: Three's a Charm Dirty Tricks: Four Play Dirty Tricks: Five-Second Seduction Dirty Tricks: Six Degrees of Desperation   Other books by Myla Jackson: That Voodoo You Do Moonstruck: Night of the Jaguar Honor Bound Duty Bound River Bound Body Snatchers 


Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon with this short story about Charli's first erotic adventure. Things are heating up in Temptation Texas... Charli has a date with cowboy Connor Mason, but she still has her previous sexual antics with three hunky strangers on her mind. What's a girl to do... Determined to do some comparison shopping, Charli sets out to seduce Connor to see if he has what it takes to keep her veeerrryyyy happy in the bedroom department. Warning: Sexy, sweet cowboy, mystery lovers, multiple partners and one very confused, and horny woman...


Charli Sutton barely remembers being bored in Temptation, Texas. Ever since a mystery cowboy dared her to skinny-dip in Judge Stephen's pool, she's been tempted to participate in more dirty tricks. Charli anxiously awaits the next sexual fantasy her cowboy has in store. Will she discover who her secret lover is this time? Warning: Mystery Cowboy, sexually frustrated woman and one dare after another, leading to a little bondage, a little dominance and a whole lot of sex—hot enough to burn the pages! Other Ugly Stick Saloon books: Sex Ed Dirty Tricks: One Up On You Dirty Tricks: Two Can Play That Game Dirty Tricks: Three's a Charm Dirty Tricks: Four Play Dirty Tricks: Five-Second Seduction Dirty Tricks: Six Degrees of Desperation Boots and Chaps Boots and Leather Boots and Promises Boots and Bareback Boots and Lace


What is your most wicked fantasy? Pleasure beckons and satisfaction is guaranteed in seven titillating stories of love that know no boundaries. Surrender to the passion and follow your desires into unexplored realms of sensuous delights. Awaken the fantasy! A man harbors impure thoughts about a voluptuous stripper—and sets out to make his erotic dreams come true . . . A big-city cop discovers that once bitten is not twice shy after spending a tantalizing night with a beautiful vampire . . . A sheltered young woman opens a mysterious locket—and is plunged into a legendary battle of good versus evil to set her imprisoned lover free . . . A seductive warlock will not rest until the powerful temptress he lusts for is begging to be dominated . . . A television executive lets loose when her favorite heartthrob strides into her office—and gives her the ride of her life . . . This one-night stand may be too hot to handle for a newly single woman, but that won't stop her from enjoying every delicious second . . . When a mysterious package opens to reveal an oh-so-sexy, nearly naked man, these two have no choice but to hide out . . . for a good, long time.


Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon with this short story of approximately 5500 words. Join Charli in her first adventure. Charli Sutton is tired of the same-ol-same-ol in Temptation, Texas and her job at the Ugly Stick Saloon. Her itchy feet tell her that if it ain't happenin' here, it's time to go back to Austin and raise a little hell. Charli has every intention of packing up, until a sexy-voiced stranger calls her daring her to skinny dip in the judge's pool. The idea is crazy, ludicrous, and downright dangerous. Just the kind of dirty trick to get a girl's blood flowing. Add a cowboy in a black hat with a body that could boil the water in the pool and he's got one up on you! Books visiting the Ugly Stick Saloon: Sex Ed Boots and Chaps Dirty Tricks: One Up On You Dirty Tricks: Two Can Play That Game Dirty Tricks: Three's a Charm Dirty Tricks: Four Play


Everyone has a past, and Erik Ead is no exception. This book is about Erik's sexual past. Kelli and Heather have stumbled onto Erik's diary. Erik now sits at the fireplace contemplating his past, present love for Kelli, and where his relationship with Kelli will be headed in the future. Erik's diary has been a place for him to compile all of his information regarding sexual experiences from the beginning. This supplement is a novella intended to be read between book 2 and book 3. Be forewarned, this book is full of sex from Erik's past. Baby Girl, by Amazon #1 Best Selling male Erotica author Scot Hildreth


Erik Ead defines the alpha male biker. He's muscular, rides in a MC, and is covered intattoos. An only child with both parents deceased, he has no family. His MC is his family. Kelli is a 22 year old rich college graduate daughter of the BMW dealer. When a "vouched in" prospect steals a motorcycle from Erik's MC, Erik begins to question trust in 'all' people, which jeopardizes him making any advancements in a loving, caring relationship. Kelli desperately wants Erik to accept her as being the woman he should be with. When the MC votes, deciding how to handle the theft, and not all members agree....and retaliation seems imminent by a former Marine, A-Train. Will A-Train retaliate? Will Erik and Kelli's potential relationship suffer, or make the necessary steps to become what Kelli so deeply desires? Making changes, sacrifices, and being able to forgive are things that some people are able to do for the ones that they love. But what, if anything, would most people sacrifice if it came right down to it? "The greatest sign of commitment is giving up what we enjoy to take care of what we love." Erik and Kelli both make sacrifices, but for different reasons. Will their relationship make the progress that Kelli wants and expects? "Trust. You may not always be able to trust the person that you love, but you can always love the person that you trust." - Erik Ead This book is Book II of a series of four. It can easily be enjoyed as a stand alone read. FROM REVIEWERS: 5 STARS "If you liked Baby Girl, you'll be blown away by Baby Girl II. This book has a totally different feel and tone then the first book. Erik and Kelli are still the main couple to watch. We now get a chance to really get to know Erik's brothers from his MC and to play catch up with Teddy aka Crash and Heather. Side note, I simply adored Teddy & Heather together, they made me smile! Oh, and I loved that crazy witch that pops up as well! I love the dual POV, I'm a nosey person by nature so knowing what Erik or Kelli was thinking made my day! It also stressed me out a little, Kelli just wants to please Erik and make him proud, any person who has the instinct to be a caregiver understands the personal pride in this act, but while Kelli is taking care of Erik she seems oblivious to his struggles with his commitment and trust issues towards her. My emotions where all over the place with how real this book felt, my heart really went out to Kelli at times. I can't possibility leave this review without mentioning the sex in this book, it really was a real cock coaster of a ride and the kitchen scene fanning myself really does put the abandon farm house scene to shame!!" - Deborah Clearwater Amazon/Goodreads (2000 ratings) NA Fiction, NA Romance, Adult Romance, Erotica, Alpha, Alpha male, D/s Dominance, Dominant, 50 Shades of Grey, Alpha male, MC, Motorcycle Club, submissive, Erik Ead, Kelli, Scott Hildreth, Baby Girl, Aching to Exhale, Craving Constellations, Safe with me, Unattainable, Heaven's Sinners, Hell's Knights , Holding On, Ride, Maybe This Time, New Adult Romance, New Adult Erotica, Baby Girl, by Amazon #1 Best Selling male Erotica author Scot Hildreth


Kelli and Erik are attempting to have a loving Dominant/submissive relationship. One that is real, raw, and includes love. Erik is a psychiatrist and rides in an MC. Kelli is a college graduate. Kelli has developed into a woman that Erik cherishes, loves, and adores. He still, however, requires that she submit sexually and completely. Erik has developed into a man that Kelli loves, respects, and wishes to please. In this last of the four book series, Kelli's father becomes ill. Erik and Kelli each struggle with the imminent death of her father, and how to handle the loss of the only parent between them. As the book progresses, so do they. Their true colors begin to show, and they become more of what each other may not necessarily expect. What they do become is real. This book is as loving, caring, and romantic as you'll ever see an erotica become. It will leave you in tears. Good tears. And have you second guessing your relationship, love, and life.


Jesika Reynolds’ heart was left broken one year ago when her husband died, leaving her and her son alone in this world. Slowly, she started putting the pieces back together of her life. Knowing that she may never open herself up to love again. That was until the day Derek came into the picture. Why does this gorgeous stranger seem to care so much, so suddenly? Derek Jordan's charm drew her in with an instant connection, and familiarity that helps her feel at ease. Her heart is falling at his feet, but as their relationship grows, so does a secret from both of their pasts that neither saw coming. One by one, the threads slowly start to unravel. Can their newly sought love stand up against the secrets that life is unlocking to their pasts? Or can they decide together that moving forward and forgetting the past is the only option for them to find true happiness?


Patrick O'Rourke is a rough and ready Scotsman, as well as a successful businessman, while Lady Katherine Lindsey is a beautiful English spinster, a gentlewoman. But when she finds herself blackmailed into accepting a marriage of convenience with the handsome Scot, she lets Rourke see another side of her. Following a hasty wedding, Rourke sweeps a seething Lady Katherine from the elegant and refined drawing rooms of west London to his crumbling castle in the Scottish Highlands. The only guide Rourke has to wooing and bedding the reluctant spitfire he's taken to wife is a copy of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. But as passion sparks between them, Rourke finds he may well be the one in danger of being tamed.