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As second in command, Katherine Ann Miles understands the responsibilities of her role as vice president. But when the president of the United States dies from a heart attack only eight months into his term, Katherine feels utterly unprepared to assume the highest office in the land.Yet the new president has little time to dwell on the battles raging with Congress and within her own marriage: Iran is making pointed, grave threats toward Israel, and she will have to employ all her skills and diplomacy to avert a major military conflict. But just as the crisis heats up, clues emerge, suggesting that her beloved predecessor was assassinated and whoever wanted him dead is out to get her as well — closer than she realizes.


A CITY SLICKER LIKE BURKE HAD NO BUSINESS BEING ON HER COLORADO RANCH But Carolyn Carlisle knew she needed him. Not only was the Carlisle Ranch a target for sabotage just weeks before Christmas, but also her family had been threatened and danger lurked around every corner. Carolyn was used to being in charge, but incredibly sexy FBI agent J. D. Burke had other ideas. He was domineering, stubborn and vowed never to let an assignment turn personal. Still, with the enemy just as elusive as the agent's penetrating gaze, Carolyn secretly hoped Burke would let down his guard and act on their intense chemistry. Even if one amazing night ended up breaking her usually hardened heart.


Introducing NAKED, the dark and sexy new adult series from New York Times bestselling author Kelly Favor. And now the series continues with book six... Caelyn Murphy is broken. She's broken because of something that was done to her--something she can't even bear to think about. So she does the only thing she can think of...she runs. Away from her Ivy League college, away from her perfect life, and away from the man who hurt her. Only she runs straight into... Elijah. Elijah Daniels is hardened from a life that's seen the worst the world has to offer. But when he meets Caelyn, he knows there’s something different about her. She's been through hell and back, but she hasn't given up. Caelyn can see that Elijah is gorgeous on the outside, but she also knows he's dangerous. And the last man she trusted hurt her so badly, she may be beyond repair. But the harder she tries to resist, the more Elijah’s persistence strips her of her armor and leaves her naked and vulnerable. In the end, neither of them will be able to predict just how far they might have to go to save themselves...and each other. RAW is the sixth book in the dark and sexy new adult series by the New York Times bestselling author of the For His Pleasure series.


 From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent comes the second book in her "Obedient" trilogy: AFTER A BILLION PEOPLE WATCH YOU MAKE LOVE, WHERE DO YOU HIDE? A fake persona with very real emotions... As "Matt Jones," CEO playboy Michael Bournham has just stumbled into his wildest dream and worst nightmare while playing a middle-management employee role for a reality television stunt. Getting caught making love with his administrative assistant, Lydia Charles, on camera let unscrupulous Hollywood producers blackmail him before launching the video on YouTube. Fired from his job and ridiculed on social media, Mike needs to hit "reboot" on his life. Hiding Lydia away in Iceland with a made-up job, he sends his best friend Jeremy to watch over her. Meanwhile, he disguises himself once more and booked a cabin at Lydia's family's campground in Maine, to immerse himself in her world. A best friend with deeper intentions... After more than a decade of world travel and hedonistic fun, dot-com millionaire Jeremy wants more out of his friendship with Mike, but more than that - he wants Lydia. Struck by her beauty and essence, he follows Mike's order and obeys, courting her with a friendship that quickly becomes a deeper bond, charged by Lydia's fantasies about him - and Mike. Unable to resist, he becomes her confidante and bedmate, helping her to come to grips with her impulsive decisions and to find her way back home to Maine. A woman torn by desire... Lydia accepts the move to Iceland to become the Director of Communications for European Operations not realizing it's a sham position Michael Bournham created to help hide her from the firestorm of the viral sex tape. Living in a new country should be fun, but side glances and whispers from her new Icelandic employees dig at her. Ignored by her new boss at Bournham Industries, Lydia's disenchantment with her bold move is softened only by Jeremy's appearance. Wild and loose, he fills a void in her life - and soon fills her bed. When she decides there's no place like home, the new couple embarks for her family's campground - and Jeremy's suspicious obedience will be revealed.


This book is a spinoff from the Heart of Stone series; therefore it is essential that you have read all the previous books before this novel. ‘You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.’ Albert Einstein. Ava left. Kade’s heart left with her. There was nothing left but an angry, hollow waste of a body. A body Kade was determined to destroy with alcohol and various faceless women. Women that were never any other than Ava to him; their faces, their bodies, even their laughter was all Ava because it was the only way to survive without her. Until Grace Beaumont. Grace kicks ass. She’s feisty, tough, unforgiving but beautiful, witty and extremely quirky. A bit of an oddball to Kade but he soon finds out that underneath all that hard shell is an exceptionally unique but damaged soul. When Grace is assigned to protect Kade after he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, the series of events that follow, cause the couple to run and take on new terrors together. Relying on only each other and Grace’s special elite skills, they find themselves embroiled in something neither of them could have ever imagined. When Grace’s past unites with Kade’s present, a whole new threat comes into play and they find themselves not only dealing with things that could blow their worlds wide apart but feelings neither of them are willing to admit to. Will Grace be able to finally mend the shattered pieces of Kade and will Kade be able to find the lost pieces of Grace’s soul that were splintered many years ago? But one thing is certain in their undertaking, when they come together, the results are explosive.


Having finally sorting out their differences and promising each other there would be no more secrets, Ally Brody and Cole Thomas have their whole future to look forward to. With the patter of tiny feet on the way and the sound of wedding bells filling the air, neither one could be more happier. But the course of true love never runs smoothly and the past has its way of rearing its ugly head and making the future seem more complicated than it should be. Will Ally and Cole have their happily ever after? Or are these two lovers destined to be pulled apart once and for all? Can life give them both One More Chance?


Clover lives in the beautiful, crime free City of Eadin. The Wall runs along the city’s eastern boundary, ensuring that the monsters that live on the other side remain safely tucked away. All of the citizens’ worldly needs are provided for them and they are free to spend their days doing whatever pleases them. All this makes for a content and happy society. But Clover is about to discover that her world is not the perfect place it seems, that she has been drowning in deception her entire life. The people of Eadin have been lied to, their history has been kept from them, and they have been unknowingly forced into submission. As Clover’s new knowledge sets in, she learns that even she is not the person she thought she was. In a world where it’s no longer clear which side of the Wall the real monsters live on, Clover, with her new-found sense of self, is determined to set things right.


After losing her job and her lover, Tess Parnell hopes her luck has changed when she is contacted about a surprise Louisiana inheritance. Excitement turns to shock, however, when she realizes her family has hidden their New Orleans history, including her grandfather's murder and a possible link to her mother's suicide. Tess heads to New Orleans to cash in on her inheritance, explore her newfound roots and learn the reasons for her family's lies. Sifting through memories and legends, she begins to trace her Creole heritage from a haunted plantation to bayou tragedies and bitter vendettas. Tess is determined to uncover the family secrets that may have warped her mother's life and her own childhood. When Tess unwittingly rouses vengeful forces from a dark New Orleans past, her fight for the truth suddenly becomes a fight for her life.


FROM BEST-SELLING AUTHOR LESLEY CREWE comes apoignant and moving novel. Sisters Bay and Tansy are complete opposites. Widowedmother Bay has never lived anywhere but Louisbourg; restlessTansy left the town as a a teenager and stayed away for years. And now, Tansy is home. Home, and unwittingly falling inlove with her sister's almost-boyfriend. Home, and befriendingAshley when all Bay can do is fight with her teenaged daughter.Home, and desperately hiding the real reason she fled all thoseyears ago. When crisis hits the family, the sisters draw closer. But thecloser they are, the more explosive their relationship, and soontheir troubled history threatens to shatter what's left of theirfamily forever. Complex and heartwarming, Her Mother's Daughter is anexploration of family and friends and the tangled skeins oflove, mistakes, and secrets twisting between us all.


In this sequel toMaestro's Butterfly, we discover how the vampire Claudio du Fresne was made... When she discovers a beautiful and arrogant French noble in the hold of her master's ship, vampire Chloe de la Roche musters the courage to escape her maker, the pirate vampire Gunnar. Only after turning the man who will become Claudio du Fresne and his oldest friend Francois Villaforte into vampires, to help them escape, does Chloe begin to discover the darkness that binds the two men together. But by then it is too late, and she is trapped between the man who teaches her love through punishment and the man who seeks to use these same methods to subdue her so that he may have the man Chloe loves to himself. With danger, intrigue, and kinky sex, Maestro's Maker takes vampire erotica to passionate new levels!