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A girl on the run from her past meets the man determined to foil her great escape… Fleeing her isolated, lonely existence, Dee has been on the run for close to a year. And everywhere she goes, Mike Carradine follows. A private investigator hired by her aunt and uncle to track her down, he is impossible to shake in their high-stakes game of cat and mouse. And when the day comes that he finally catches her, Dee knows she can’t run again. This time, she’ll have to follow Mike as he leads her back to the life she tried so desperately to escape, and to the relatives who would do anything to gain control of her fortune.


From the New York Times bestselling author of the Billionaire Boys Club novels comes a sizzling series that pairs rich men looking for romances with some very lucky ladies in waiting… Waitress Marjorie Ivarsson is the picture of naiveté. Raised by her grandmother, she’d rather go to bingo than go dancing. But when she’s asked to be a bridesmaid in her friend Bronte’s destination wedding, she finds herself venturing into new and exciting territory. The wedding is set on the billionaire groom’s private island and Marjorie is fascinated by all the new people she’s meeting. Most fascinating of all is the man she saves from almost drowning in the blue waters of the island lagoon. She might even have a bit of a crush on him. Unfortunately, she’s not the only girl who finds him so intriguing. Hot shot television producer Robert Cannon has a reputation for womanizing, drinking, and partying to excess. They couldn’t be more wrong for each other...so why are they constantly drawn together like magnets?


A flighty, carefree beauty meets her match in a serious-minded businessman. Wanted and adored by all, Caprice was untouchable. And she made sure of it, never letting a man close, answering to no one. No one, that is, until Pierce Langston caught her eye and tore down all the walls that she’d built so high. Frightening and exciting her, all the while seeing through the façade she presented to the world to the woman she really was underneath it all…


She might be able to hide from the world, but she could never hide from him. Model Jessica King had loved Damien Kent beyond all reason. Despite knowing he had a cold, businessman’s heart, she thought love would win out. That is, until he escorted another woman to a party—a woman he was thinking of marrying for business purposes. Leaving him broke her heart, but then a terrible car accident broke her body and spirit. Left permanently scarred and unable to model, Jessica hides away from the world, determined to protect what is left of her heart. Too bad Damien is unwilling to let go of what’s his…


The Kill - Book One of the Trilogy The son of the most ruthless Mafia boss in eastern Canada is killed, and the father wants revenge. Darwin Kostas is a law-abiding Canadian, a writer with a new bride and a long list of phobias. His fear of the dark keeps him inside after the sun goes down. He also suffers from aichmophobia, an irrational fear of sharp and pointed objects. If confronted with a knife or a needle, his fear manifests as an out-of-control rage. He's also the man who accidentally killed the heir to the Fuccini syndicate. When the newlyweds honeymoon in Rome, a hit team follows. They keep waving things at Darwin--pointy things, like knives. He just can't control himself when that happens, and accidentally kills a few more 'made men.' The Mafia believes Darwin is a trained killer, hired to take them out, and declare all-out war on the neurotic novelist. Darwin returns to Toronto, but the hits keep coming, the FBI closes in, and a local biker gang offers Darwin their help. Darwin just wants to be left alone with a light on. The Blade - Book Two of the Mafia Trilogy The safe house where Darwin and Rosina live is attacked. Five FBI agents are dead. Darwin Kostas has nowhere to turn, no one he can trust. Darwin's phobias cause him great stress and now the media are calling him The Blade, even though he can't stand the sight of knives. The FBI are hunting him. The Gambino family, violent mobsters associated with Italy's La Cosa Nostra, want to know who he works for before they execute him. Darwin just wants to be left alone with his new wife so they can begin a domestic life, but that is not possible with so many people wanting him dead. With evidence piling up against him, a crazed, half-blind FBI agent on his tail, and a relentless mobster planning Darwin's violent end, the only thing he has left to lose is his life. Meanwhile, the Russian Mafia are moving into new territory in Toronto. They want to know who this Darwin guy is and why he is still breathing. When they show up to take possession of his body, Darwin has one surprise left for the mobsters before he dies. The Scythe - Book Three of the Mafia Trilogy In Book One, The Kill, the Italian Mafia go after the wrong man. In Book Two, The Blade, the Gambino Family do it again. In Book Three, The Scythe, the Russian Mafia have different plans. They want to take over Toronto, a territory so large it was previously thought to be too big for one family. But Darwin Kostas and his wife, Rosina, stand in the way. As a peace offering to the Italians and the Chinese, the Russians intend to execute Darwin. First, they have to catch him, but using his wife as bait is not enough. While the Russians attempt to organize a meeting of rival families where Darwin will be terminated, something the Italians tried twice and failed, Darwin realizes he is on his own. With the FBI not able to help and his wife in the hands of the Mafia, Darwin decides the only way to win this war is to kill them all. Darwin fights the Russians in the biggest Mafia war Toronto has ever seen in The Scythe, Book Three of the Mafia Trilogy, the final installment.


"While New York City sizzles beneath a blanket of early summer humidity, the Karp family is happily taking refuge in their renovated farmhouse on Long Island's north shore. Karp's battles against the City's corrupt politicans are never-ending. His wife, Marlene, is training guard dogs on their picturesque acreage; Lucy is enjoying her summer break from Boston College and playing the part of the dutiful daughter, assisting with the running of the business and tending to her rambunctious twin brothers." The tide quickly changes, however, when Marlene befriends her beachside neighbor, Rose Wickham-Heeney, a northeastern aristocrat turned wife of West Virginia coal mine union leader Ralph "Red" Heeney. Soon after the fun-filled weeks of family barbecues and lazy afternoons with the Heeneys, the Karps discover that Rose, Red, and their daughter Lizzie, have been brutally murdered back home in McCullensburg. Irresistible force meets immovable object when the West Virginia governor appoints Karp as special prosecutor to bring justice to the corrupt town, its union chieftan, and his band of merry thugs. Marlene joins Karp as he searches for the killers and works to save his own family from an evil that runs as deep as the mines that fuel it


The legal thriller--nobody owns this turf like Robert Tanenbaum. Reversible Error is Tanenbaum at his meanest, sharpest, and deadliest. While a serial rapist is ravaging the women of the city, a ruthless killer is slaying the city's drug lords. Assistant D.A. Butch Karp and three renegade cops are bending the rules to find the culprits--who may just be wearing blue. HC: Dutton


From Publishers Weekly Like a canvas by Bosch, the frenetic 10th installment in the popular Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi series (Irresistible Impulse, etc.) is all foreground, a three-ring circus of mayhem and mystery. Here Tanenbaum pits Deputy DA Karp, his detective cronies Raney and Fulton and his security-expert wife, Marlene, against an amorphous army of Palestinians terrorizing New York. When Arab youths are implicated in the murders of two elderly Jews, Karp finds himself having to placate local Arab and Jewish leaders and at the same time convince the brass that the crimes point to a conspiracy. Meanwhile, a Mexican hit man linked to two jailed drug dealers is threatening to shoot up the metropolis and murder Karp's rival, Homicide Bureau head Roland Hrcany. Back home, Marlene is caffeinating herself to delirium to balance work and family. Then the teenage sister of one of the Arab suspects, on the lam after stabbing a pimp, lands improbably in a shelter for battered women run by Marlene's friend. Should Marlene inform Karp, or protect the girl? As always, there's much to cheer in Tanenbaum's work: quirky characters, snappy cop-talk, even a slam-bang car chase through a Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn, and the rousing action resonates with deeper themes as Karp, a lapsed Jew, tentatively accepts his ethnicity. But the constant jumps between subplots are wearying, the large casts of racist cops and racist terrorists run together and the resolution is strained as absolutely everyone is tied together into a too-perfect knot. Mystery Guild selection. (June) FYI: Media-alert readers will recognize Tanenbaum as the lawyer for a teenage defendant on trial in Delaware for killing her newborn baby. Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. Review “Hair-raising.” —_People_ “While the legal writing is as expert as ever, this book gets its punch from Tanenbaum’s knotted, tangled vision of Manhattan. ”  —_The Washington Post Book World_  


The prosecutor - Julia Valenciano. Young, ambitious and facing a case that could launch her career. The defendant - David Marquette. A successful Miami surgeon and devoted family man. The victims - Marquette's own wife and three small children. The plea - Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. The perfect father and model husband, David Marquette seemingly just snapped. His experienced defence team claims paranoid delusions caused by schizophrenia drove him to slaughter his entire family. But the state suspects Marquette's insanity defence is being fabricated to disguise murders that were cold-blooded and calculated. Worse, Julia believes Marquette could be responsible for a string of unsolved, brutal homicides.The distraught survivor could just be one of the most prolific and elusive serial killers in the country's history. To bring him to justice, Julia must embark on a terrifying personal journey back into her own past - something she has struggled for fifteen years to forget. And this will lead her to confront a future so chilling, she's not sure she will ever be able to face it..." Plea of Insanity" confirms Jilliane Hoffman as a major thriller-writing talent at the peak of her powers.


Friends for life…but could they have even more? Robbie Fisher had been friends with Jason Morrow for years. A lifelong confidant, he’d listened to all of her hopes and dreams for the future before leaving to pursue his. After years away, Jason is back in town, looking after his parents’ house for the summer. But Robbie’s all grown up now, and suddenly uncomfortable with spilling all of her secrets to her handsome neighbor. The cute boy next door has become a stranger…and a disturbingly sexy one at that. But can they forge a new relationship to replace the old?