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Once a fabled Blade of Namara, Aral Kingslayer fought for justice and his goddess alongside his familiar, a living shadow called Triss. Now with their goddess murdered and her temple destroyed, they are among the last of their kind. Surviving on the fringes of society, Aral becomes a drunken, broken, and wanted man, working whatever shadowy deal comes his way. Until a mysterious woman hires him to deliver a secret message-one that can either redeem him or doom him


Helios Andreadis is the aloof and powerful president of Áf̱xi̱si, an ordinary college org during the day and an underground bike racing club at night. Áf̱xi̱si̱ means 'rise' in Greek, symbolizing the cornerstone in which all the club's rules were founded on. Every member of the club has his own story to tell, his own tragedy to overcome, and a self-made cage to break free from. The younger son of a famous Greek politician from an adulterous affair, Helios had migrated to the United States in hopes of putting to rest his older brother's jealousy. Past betrayals had taught him to be hard and unfeeling, but his heartless ways would soon be put to the test when a shy, stubborn girl literally skidded into his life like some backup dancer auditioning for the King of Pop. Her name was MJ Cartwright. She wanted to apply as the club's official photographer, but any job would really do since as it turned out, all she wanted was to be close to one of Áf̱xi̱si's daredevil drivers. That man was her secret crush and the more time Helios spent with MJ, the more he wanted to kill that man, whoever he may be. Helios was determined not to let MJ's secret crush take her away, but neither was he ready to put a name to his feelings. To do so would make him vulnerable, and that he would never allow to happen, not even if it meant having to hurt MJ instead


One year has passed since Leandro Christopoulos and Bobby Granger have last seen each other. Unhealed wounds have forced them to change, but one thing remains the same – the explosive chemistry between them. Leandro is determined to recapture Bobby’s heart, but making her fall in love with him again may be impossible when he finds out that she already belongs to another man…and he also happens to be Leandro’s greatest rival. An ordinary man would have given up in face of Bobby’s aversion, but not Leandro. Bobby is the only woman Leandro will ever love – and if blackmail is the only way to have her back in his life…then so be it.


With the elections coming up and his father wanting a seat in Parliament, Leandro Christopoulos needed to reinvent his public image from playboy underground motor racer to boring upright role model. The solution: Bobby Granger. Bobby, which was short for Roberta, supposedly the smartest girl in school and recently voted as Young Philanthropist of the Year. Unfortunately, she was not his type - snarky, old-fashioned, bookish, and most importantly of all – the kind who needed to be in love before going to bed with a guy. High maintenance was his first thought. Find another girl was what his initial instincts told him. But then Leandro accidentally saw her naked, and he knew he was just going to have to lie about falling in love with her.


“Living On Air” is a coming of age tale about a small town boy who makes it to the top of his profession in the world of radio and voice-over. It’s a heart-warming, funny story filled with the ups and downs people face on the roller-coaster ride to success, including some laughable encounters with major celebrities.


A Serial Killers Guide is a tribute to Jeff Lindsay's Dexter Series but with a super hot ass kicking woman. If you like this free episode, be sure to check out the other episodes in the series as well, they are full of blood and sex. Odette was eight when she made her first kill...a goose...and she loved it. She spent the next few years chasing the elusive "first kill" high again. In high school she graduated to the greatest prey...humans...perfecting her craft of seduction and murder and becoming the lioness she is today. Now she's been recruited by the CIA as the perfect weapon, where she will get paid to do what comes so naturally to her. In return they get to harness her skills and protect the general public from her by keeping her under control. But controlling a lioness may not be as easy as they think.


Lucy Kendall isn't a serial killer. She's simply lived her life in a strange mixture of carefully calculated moves and impulse decisions. Cracking the skull of the man who molested her sister and attacking her was impulse. Spending half her teenage years drinking and acting out were calculated cries for attention from her narcissistic mother followed by impulsive rages at her lack of concern. The decade spent working in Child Protective Services before becoming a private investigator taught her two truths. One, CPS failed miserably in protecting children. Two, Lucy was more than willing to do it for them, meting out her brand of dark justice in spite of her own fear of death. But Lucy's crusade is compromised when a self-proclaimed sociopath offers to help—and leaves her no choice but to accept it. When eight-year old Kailey Richardson is abducted, it sets off a chain of events linked to Justin Beckett, a suspect in a life-changing case in Lucy's past. The path she's chosen since dealing with Beckett has been dark and terrifying—but she has no idea just how deep she will go or where the twisted road will take her. She's about to find out. All Good Deeds is a dark psychological thriller featuring a strong female protagonist with a twisted sense of justice.


RAMAYANA SERIES(R) Part Four: This Omnibus eBook Contains the Complete Text of VENGEANCE OF RAVANA and SONS OF SITA Ashok K. Banker’s Ramayana series is presented here the way the author originally intended for his retelling. Four magnificent omnibus ebook editions bring together all the eight books. King of Dharma, Part Four of the Ramayana Series, includes the seventh and eighth books, Vengeance of Ravana and Sons of Sita. Each of these omnibus ebook editions contains over 300,000 words of text and includes the original Author Introduction and Preface to the Indian print editions, hand-crafted by the author himself and made available exclusively under his own AKB eBOOKS imprint.


Ashok Banker S Ramayana Series Is Presented Here The Way The Author Originally Intended For His Retelling. Three Magnificent Omnibus Editions Bring Together All The Six Books Published Earlier. Prince At War, Part Three Of The Ramayana Series Is The Final Volume And Includes The Fifth And Sixth Books, Bridge Of Rama And King Of Ayodhya.Rama S Armies Assemble On The Edge Of The Ocean In Order To Make A Decisive Onslaught On Lanka, Island-Kingdom Of The Demonlord Ravana. Hanuman, Devoted Disciple Of Rama And Leader Of The Vanar Army, Makes His Awesome Leap Across The Ocean In A Bid To Rescue Sita. When Rama Finally Crosses Over To Wage His War Of Dharma Against The Asuras, The Confrontation Spirals Into A Maelstrom Of Unimaginable Carnage. The Prince Of Dharma, Soon To Be King Of Ayodhya, Has To Draw Upon His Ultimate Reservoir Of Brahman Shakti To Fight For A Reckoning And A Victory Like No Other.


The invasion has begun, and the bestial demon hordes roar towards Ayodhya. If Ayodhya falls, then all mortals fall. Rama must go to Mithila—a city lying directly in the path of destruction. There, a small band of heroes plan a valiant stand against the advancing armies of darkness. But Lanka's forces are nearly boundless and have swept all before them. For at the head of the demon tide rides Rama's nemesis, a terrible slayer of souls—the demonlord Ravana