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Blindsided [Sexual Studies 2]

Written By: Watterson, Kate

[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense] The inhospitable weather of Northern Wisconsin can be a welcome sanctuary... Dr. Kerin Burke is in a full panic, and in the process made a very bad judgment call. Still, the storm blowing in is the least of her problems. Help arrives, and it is the last thing she needs because instead of concentrating on how to solve her current problems, she's instantly involved with a man she barely knows. Tall, dark, and sexy is fine, but it doesn't do anything to sto

Inheriting a Bride

Written By: Robinson, Lauri

TROUBLE WITH A CAPITAL T When Kit Becker travels to Nevadaville to find her new guardian she doesn't count on train robbers stealing her grandfather's will. Determined to track down the thief, Kit's prepared to use any pretence necessary. Clay Hoffman knows a thing or two about money-grabbing females, so when he finds one posing as his new ward he's determined to get beneath every delicious layer of her disguises. Discovering she's telling the truth, Clay is torn - he should be protecting her, n

Lost and Found

Written By: Coble, Colleen

Book 2 of "Rock Harbor Search and Rescue "

An old photo brings a shocking revelation and it’s up to Emily and her best friend Olivia to solve the case!Fourteen-year-old Emily O’Reilly and her best friend Olivia Webster have a knack for solving mysteries. Emily has been busily training her new puppy Sherlock to be a Search and Rescue dog so that the two can lead search-and-rescue missions someday. So when Emily stumbles across an old photo of Olivia’s adoption day—a fact that has never been revealed to Olivia—the two quickly decide to unc

Scent of Butterflies

Written By: Mossanen, Dora Levy

A novel singed by the flavors of Tehran, imbued with the Iranian roots of Persepolis and the culture clash of Rooftops of Tehran, this is a striking, nuanced story of a woman caught between two worlds, from the bestselling author of Harem, Courtesan, and The Last Romanov. A Love So Deep Can Forever Scar the Soul Such audacity she has, Soraya, a woman who dares to break free of the diamond-studded leash of her culture. A woman who refuses to accept the devastating betrayal her husband has perpetr

Highland Secrets

Written By: MacKenzie, Elena

Linda has just finished her degree, but unfortunately doesn’t get the job at a museum in London she was hoping for. She then receives a letter from her former professor asking her to restore numerous paintings at his estate on the Isle of Skye. As Linda is in desperate need of money, she decides to make the journey. At the estate, she meets Adam, the professor’s son, who is not at all happy about Linda staying at Glenoak Hall. This is because his father had not summoned Linda to restore the pain

Vampire Hunter

Written By: Childs, Lisa

Hunter Liam McKiernan would do anything to lure vampire Jennifer Williams into his trap--even use her sister, Eve, against her. It was only fitting since he believed Jennifer killed his brother. But when he finally caught up with her, Jennifer was not the cold-hearted creature he expected. She was beautiful, warm...and lonely. Liam couldn't resist the urge to protect her--and the desire to make love to her.But a member of the Secret Vampire Society had killed Liam's brother--a vampire who also w

Rescued by a Highlander

Written By: Montclair, Keira

Madeline MacDonald has been a victim of her stepbrother’s cruelty ever since her parents’ death in a fire two years ago. Forced into a betrothal to a man she hates, her only way out is to escape to a convent. Laird Alexander Grant is honor bound to rescue Maddie after seeing the bruises on her face. What he doesn’t realize is that once he holds the beaten lass in his arms, his heart will never be the same. He vows revenge for the abuse she was forced to endure and yearns to make the sweet woman

Following You

Written By: Harper, Kelly

Book 1 of "By You"

rom Amazon Coming of Age Bestselling Author Kelly Harper, the first book of a three part series. How far would you go? Sarah didn't know what life was like without Huck by her side. Best friends since childhood, they grew to love each other in more ways than one. So when she found out he was leaving their small town of Green Falls after college, she knew there was only one thing she could do--follow him. Now Sarah is in a new place with new people and new experiences all around her. Wit

Funeral Music

Written By: Joss, Morag

Book 1 of "Sara Selkirk"

To the ancient Romans, the healing waters of Bath belonged to the goddess Minerva. Today they belong to the gods of commerce, as tourists teem, shops prosper, and the incense of gourmet food rises to the English skies. Among the throng is Sara Selkirk, a world-class cellist who came undone in a Paris performance. For Sara, taking a break from performing has given her a chance to look at what’s missing from her life– and even at a case of murder.…The killing occurred in the famous Roman Baths, an

Christmas with Jack

Written By: Reese, Brooklyn

Kicking it up another notch, I came up behind him, wrapped my hands around his waist and whispered against his ear, "You have the most delicious body I think I've ever seen."I hadn't seen Jack, my Dad's best friend, in three years. I didn't know what to expect. I hadn't fantasized about him in years, but now I find him sexier than ever, and he can still get me wet with just a look. Before we even got out of the airport I knew that I had to see if the reality would live up to my fantasies. But ca

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