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Village Vet, The

Written By: Woodman, Cathy

'Woodman's warmth and wit are set to make her the next big thing in rural romance' - Daily Record 'An utterly compelling read with moments that brought tears to my eyes. I would definitely recommend it' - Candis 'Woodman weaves a beguiling tale grounded in her own experience' - Choice 'Great fun' - Sun

Act of Creation, The

Written By: Koestler, Arthur

The Act of Creation is a 1964 book by Arthur Koestler. It is a study of the processes of discovery, invention, imagination and creativity in humor, science, and the arts. It lays out Koestler's attempt to develop an elaborate general theory of human creativity. From describing and comparing many different examples of invention and discovery, Koestler concludes that they all share a common pattern which he terms "bisociation" - a blending of elements drawn from of two previously unrelated matric

Sheriff's Daughter, The

Written By: Andersen, Jessica

Book 6 of "Boston General"

CODE OF HONORDr. Logan Hart was just passing through Black Horse Beach, but when gunshots sent country veterinarian Samantha Blackwell ducking for cover beneath his rockhard body, she instinctively knew that the macho medical investigator would stick around to keep her safe. Although the sheriff's daughter had sworn to never fall for another tough guy again, her new tenant's smoldering intensity lit a raging fire in her heart…and kept the terror at bay. As they set up a sting operation to take d

Now You See It . . .

Written By: Vande Velde, Vivian

Ages 12 & Up—Wendy isn't as blind as a bat--there are bats that can see better than she can. Which is why, when her new glasses break, she's all too happy to wear the dorky pair of sunglasses she finds on her lawn. They seem to match her prescription, and that's all that matters if she's going to be able to make it through her school day. But the glasses correct her vision *too much*--she begins to see things that no one else can see: cheerful corpses, frightening crones disguised as tee

Doctor Who: Death and Diplomacy

Written By: Stone, Dave

Book 49 of "Doctor Who: Virgin New Adventures"

The Dakhaari, Czhans and Salori are locked in a conflict over the planet of Moriel. When the Hollow Gods decree they must settle their differences, only the Doctor has the necessary tact to arbitrate.

Convict and the Cattleman, The

Written By: Merritt, Allison

His love is the key to her release.Sentenced to seven years of servitude in the penal colony of New South Wales, Bridgit Madden is thrust into a world unlike anything she's known, dangers she never imagined and enemies with their own interests at heart. Certain the conviction has ruined her chances of ever having a real family, she is fearful of her future.Despite his reluctance to take in a convict, grazier and pioneer cattleman Jonah Andrus needs a servant to care for his orphaned niece. When

Opening Up

Written By: Taormino, Tristan

Relationship expert and bestselling author Tristan Taormino offers a bold new strategy for creating loving, lasting relationships. Drawing on in-depth interviews with over a hundred women and men, Opening Up explores the real-life benefits and challenges of all styles of open relationships ? from partnered non-monogamy to solo polyamory. With her refreshingly down-to-earth style and sharp wit, Taormino offers solutions for making an open relationship work, including tips on dealing with jealousy

Republican Brain, The

Written By: Mooney, Chris

Bestselling author Chris Mooney uses cutting-edge research to explain the psychology behind why today's Republicans reject reality--it's just part of who they are.From climate change to evolution, the rejection of mainstream science among Republicans is growing, as is the denial of expert consensus on the economy, American history, foreign policy and much more. Why won't Republicans accept things that most experts agree on? Why are they constantly fighting against the facts?Science writer Chris

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